Tips for choosing a small business bank

Finding the right bank to serve your small business needs can be a daunting task. With so many competing financial institutions to choose from, business owners simply don’t have the time for the in-depth research required to carefully weigh all the options. This guide to choosing a small business bank will help you narrow down your choices so you find the best fit for you. Small, medium, or large? You…  Read more

Festive season claims?

  Tax & Christmas Parties If you’re thinking of hosting a work Christmas party this year or providing some presents to your employees, you need to be aware of the Fringe Benefits Tax implications. Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is the tax employers pay on benefits they provide to employees and their family and other associates in addition to, or as part of, their salary or wages. Gifts provided to employees…  Read more

Transition From Sole Trader to a Family Trust

When starting your own business, the most cost effective and efficient structure to start this venture is usually the tried and true Sole Trader Structure. Personal ABN’s usually can get issued the same day as the application, you then register your preferred name with ASIC and bang you are in business before lunch! Whilst this structure, for the reasons mentioned, can be great to kick start your business, as you…  Read more

Working from home: What deductions can you claim?

  For a while now, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been concerned about tax deductions individuals have been claiming for a whole host of expenses. The latest on their ‘hit list’ are home office expenses.  We guide you through what you can and can’t claim if you work from home. Last financial year, 6.7 million taxpayers claimed a record $7.9 billion in deductions for ‘other work-related expenses’ which includes…  Read more


When most think about habits, they invariably think of habits as something they are engaging in unconsciously. While that is very true, what is also true, is that choosing not to do something you should be doing is also a habit. Doing nothing is also a habit – or a Do-Nothing Habit: Not reading to learn, is a habit. Not exercising every day, is a habit. Build Good Habits! Not…  Read more

Will your business be audited?

How the ATO identifies audit targets. The ATO is very upfront when it comes to their compliance activity. Every year they publish small business benchmarks that outline what a typical business ‘looks like’ in different industries. If your business falls outside of those benchmarks, the ATO is likely to take a closer look at why that is. Falling outside of the benchmarks might not indicate a tax related problem. It…  Read more

Important information regarding the SBSCH

Small Business Superannuation Clearing House As of 26 February 2018, the SBSCH is now accessed via the ATO online services.  Find out how to access the SBSCH via online services Here is a short video explaining the changes: Some further information on the benefits and changes from the ATO is as follows: What’s new New features of the SBSCH are listed below: the SBSCH is no longer accessible with a user ID…  Read more

10 Daily Habits of the Rich and Powerful

  It’s the little things that make up the big things. Here’s a list of ten traits of some of the movers and shakers in the world today (and from the past). 1. They Stay Healthy Health is make-or-break. If you have it, your life will take on meaning like you couldn’t otherwise know; but if you don’t have it, you will only accomplish a comparatively small percentage of what…  Read more

10 Money-Saving Tips for Freelancers

While working at home as a freelancer sounds like the ultimate dream for anyone who tires of the rat race, freelancers still have more than their fair share of financial matters to worry about. In fact, perhaps the most important trait that any freelancer should have is the ability to be fully responsible and accountable to themselves, and saving money is something that you will be wholly responsible for.  …  Read more

Is technology making you less efficient?

“For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.”  Alice Kahn If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of technological gadgets out there, never mind apps and other digital “solutions”, you’re not alone. Technology sprawl and the rabbit hole of more and more information, available all the time, is making productivity—and healthy downtime—a real challenge for many of us. Although…  Read more

Do you share this habit with the world’s most successful business leaders?

What do Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Arianna Huffington have in common? All of these smart, savvy, successful business leaders share a passion for self-improvement through reading. If you want to improve your skills as a business owner, why not spend a bit of time each day reading books that guide you to greater success? This reading list of 4 inspiring business books will help you get started:…  Read more

Does “mindfulness” have a place in business?

According to Google, which offers employees a course on mindfulness meditation, and Lululemon, a company that keeps a Director of Mindfulness on staff, the answer is a resounding yes. Mindfulness, as American scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn defines it, is simply “paying attention in a sustained and particular way – on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” Research has shown that practicing mindful meditation can lead to reduced stress, lowered blood…  Read more

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