Preparing for the unexpected!

Understanding the risks to wealth and taking steps to protect it can be as important as wealth creation itself.

Risk includes both personal and business risk and it is important to both yourself and your family that you ensure you have all bases covered for the future. So what has been built is not lost.

Personal risk

Personal risk includes areas such as life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance, trauma insurance and income protection insurance.

Business risk

Business risk includes areas such as business insurances, lease of premises, employment issues, personal guarantees, etc. It is important to protect owners and directors assets from the potential liabilities of business.

Asset protection

Tax should not be the primary reason for choosing a particular structure. A major consideration when choosing a structure should be asset protection.

Most families want to protect their hard-earned wealth whether it be a business, investments or a family home, from the clutches of third parties.

We will work closely with you to help identify the risks associated with your personal and business situation together with explaining the advantages of different business structures and how they may protect you.


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